The Best Way To Explore Halong Bay

There are many different ways travelers can choose to explore the breathtaking sceneries of Halong Bay, from renting a car and organizing their own trips with their desired itineraries or booking a tour with Gebyar4d travel agency. Those at a higher budget also have the option of seeing Halong Bay with a helicopter. However, most of tourists who have been visited this charming world heritage would agree that the best way to spend holiday in this bay is to get on a junk and have a cruise trip.

In general, a cruise trip is a special kind of tour on which travelers sail with a ship to the allured Halong Bay and visit several attractions here. On the standard itineraries of cruise trip, various destinations on the surface of this bay, predominantly rock islands and grottos, are visited, along with places with human living such as Titov Islands or floating fishing villages. Besides the see-sighting parts on these locations, travelers can also participate in wide range of exciting activities held by the cruise crew members on the crystal clear water of Bai Tu Long Bay, like swimming, snorkeling or kayaking through dark limestone caves. A cruise trip have different duration, with shortest is one day and longest is 4 days with 3 nights on-board. A rush traveler might choose a day trip, but if tourists have adequate time, they are highly recommended to spend at least one night on the boat to enjoy the tranquil darkness of the bay.

Some might question that why trip on cruise is the best way to spend holiday in Halong Bay. The first reason is apparent, as Halong Bay is an oceanic territory, so that a cruise trip is definitely the best method to explore the beauty of seashore area here. But the more “fascinating” reason is that, a cruise trip might bring unforgettable and unique moments to travelers, which cannot be experienced in other types of tours. First unique experience is truly the peaceful and tranquil feeling of relaxing on a ship in the middle of one of the most spectacular bay in the world, and enjoying airy atmosphere and light sunshine on the sundeck. Secondly, the cruise offers travelers chances to join in series of joyful activities on the bay water’s that they might not attend elsewhere, like a short rowing boat trip to limestone grottos, or difficult squid fishing at night. Last but not least, cruises in Halong Bay are being operated by professional firms with courteous and well-trained crew members, so that the standard of their quality and luxury is much higher than other tourism-service providers, and travelers feel worth every penny they spend.

A cruise trip in Halong Bay is the best way to explore this charming wonder of nature, or simply a vacation with families and friends. Two or three day trips will allow travelers to experience different exciting moments, but they surely never forget them for the rest of their lives, and once they have opportunities, they will return to have those wonderful feeling one more time. One can book the cruise trip directly on site or through an agent’s website, which may sometimes offer a better deals.

The Cyclo In Vietnam

It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honoured and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done it!

It is just simple and ordinary as its appearance. No noisy sound from engines, no obscure smoke and no spending too much for commuting.

From a long time, Vietnamese people have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transport when going out. It is not only close-knit to Vietnamese but also strongly connected with foreigners as all of them are attracted by this unique means at first sight visiting Vietnam.

Under the sweltering sunlight, the cyclo driver bends his back over his vehicle. That heavy cycling makes sweat roll down his cheeks.

Despite the hard work, he does not want to say farewell to the old cycle for a more modern, newer vehicle. This is because the cyclo has become an indispensable part of his family.

Not only do the Vietnamese feel close to cyclo, but foreigners are also impressed by this unique vehicle. You will be surely fond of sitting on a cyclo touring around Restored Sword Lake or along the streets at sunset.

You can take a full view of Vietnam’s water and mountains into your eyes and minds.

Besides, you can traverse shady streets perfumed with the scent of Hanoi flowers or take dreamy and peaceful photos in the ancient citadel.

The Cyclo In Vietnam

Travelling in a cyclo is the time for peacefully welcoming windy sunset and bright sunrise on the beach of Nha Trang or Danang or elsewhere. How pleasant it is for you to enjoy relaxation on a short urban trip.

In big cities, there are more and more cyclos on the streets. They are sometimes decorated colourfully for weddings. It is exciting, jolly and strangely unique wedding ceremony to recall the old days of plain and lovely memories. Find more interesting information on W88cash

They want to harmonize the dynamism of modern society and the sincere, peaceful life of the old days.

Vietnam is becoming more and more modern, however, the cyclo still survives, bearing in the minds of local residents, a rudimentary means of transport that has been part and parcel of their lives.

When thinking of Vietnam, tourists not only remember pho (noodle), ao dai (long dress), palm-leaf conical hats, but also a simple vehicle with three wheels, which makes you “fly” around the ancient streets in Vietnam. It is the cyclo, a surprising miracle in the eyes of foreigners!

The Exciting Vietnam Laos Cambodia Trip

The tourists are assured of a comfortable and hassle-free trip. The online holiday planning company will make all arrangements for the travel and accommodation of the tourists…

The online holiday planners organize small group tours Southeast Asia with an itinerary that will meet all requirements of the tourists. The expert team of the trip organizing firm make tailor-made plan making it a perfect and highly exciting holiday trip. At each destination the experienced local guide will take the visitors to various places of interest and the local representative of the firm will assist them in various activities. The tourists are assured of a comfortable and hassle-free trip. The online holiday planning company will make all arrangements for the travel and accommodation of the tourists. They can enjoy and relax throughout the small group tours Southeast Asia and they will be visiting Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The accommodation will be arranged in safe as well as reputed hotels only, where they are assured the best customer service. The tourist firm is committed for 100% customer satisfaction and they assure that the payment made by their customers will be protected with care.

Trip to Laos: Laos is one of the highly preferred tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The visitors enjoy the beauty of the awe-inspiring landscapes, explore the great culture and traditions of the place and get the opportunity to interact with the friendly local people. The Laos tour itinerary will include visits to Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi and Muang Khua. The tourists have to travel by boat to reach Mang Ngoi. They can travel to other places by bus or car. Boat services are available daily in both directions. The boats leave early morning in both directions. For the first time visitors the Laos tour itinerary will be of seven days.

The Exciting Vietnam Laos Cambodia Trip

Trip to Vietnam: For the first time visitors their Vietnam tour itinerary will be for travelling from top to tail of the country. From the Capital City of Hanoi, they can proceed to Ha Long Bay and enjoy the enchanting scenery there. Then, they will travel back to Hanoi and proceed to Hue where they can visit many ancient temples and also enjoy the trip to DMZ. From Hue, they will travel to Hoi An, which is a riverside town where they can go for shopping. From Hoi An, the visitors will go to Nha Trang, Mui Ne and finally to Ho Chi Minh City. At Ho Chi Minh City they can enjoy the day trips, nightlife and visit the museums. In the Vietnam Tour Itinerary, the visitors can also add two side trips Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta and from Hanoi to the mountain town Sapa.

Trip to Cambodia: The Cambodia tour itinerary is for three days. In Cambodia, the places of visit include temples of Angkor Wet and the remains of the Khmer Empire. The sight-seeing trip to the capital City of Phnom Penh, the Silver Pagoda, National Museum, The Tuol Sleng prison, the Killing Fields, the Russian Market and drinks at the Raffles Elephant Bar are also included in the Cambodia tour itinerary.

Take Your Dream Trip in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of the sea, along the coastline of 3,260 km, longer than the length of the country, there are 20 famous beaches. In the north there is Tra Co, Halong, Revolver Son … In winter the icy waters, and the waters south still warm and bright in the sun as sea Danang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Ha Tien, etc…

Vietnam is a part of Asia and exactly belongs to South East Asia, it is bordered in the North by China, Laos in the North-West, Cambodia in the South-West and the Vung Tau to the East. Vietnam culture may be still mysterious and unknown to most people outside the country. Vietnamese people welcomes their guests as a family member. Vietnam is a country of the sea, along the coastline of 3,260 km, longer than the length of the country, there are 20 famous beaches. In the north there is Tra Co, Halong, Revolver Son … In winter the icy waters, and the waters south still warm and bright in the sun as sea Danang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Ha Tien, etc…

Here, you can swim for four seasons. Especially waters of Ha Long is not only beautiful beaches but also a natural wonder. On a coast of about 1,500 km2, with thousands of limestone islands clustered, each island an appearance, the same dragon island, the island is like toads, turtles, chickens fighting … In the heart of the rocky island are interesting caves.

As countries in the tropics, but Vietnam has many mountains resort takes on temperate such as Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Bach Ma, Da Lat … The resort usually at altitudes above 1000 m above sea level. Da Lat city is not only an ideal place but also the city of pine forests, waterfalls and flowers. Tourists to Da Lat was captivated by the heroic sounding bass, guitar sound earnest howl and silk Highlands gong in the night entertainment.

Take Your Dream Trip in Vietnam

In addition to the mountain resort areas, Vietnam has the national forest known for its rich collection of tropical flora and fauna such as Cuc Phuong National Forest, National Forest Cat Ba, Con Dao National Forest Besides … this forest there are the birds and bird Melaleuca famous bird sanctuary Minh Hai has more than 80 species of birds, the bird grounds Tam Nong (Dong Thap), where the living bird Sarus Crane . Natural mineral water resources in Vietnam is very rich: spring Quang Hanh (Quang Ninh), Hoi Van mineral spring (Binh Dinh), Vinh Hao mineral spring (Binh Thuan), American mineral Education (Nha Trang), mineral Kim Boi (Hoa Binh). The mineral waters have become places of rest and recuperation are many tourists prefer.

Vietnam is a country which also known as country of festivals. Various type of festivals designed by the people and they celebrate it with the great enjoyment. The festivals such as Tet, Tet Trung Thu, Huong Pagoda festivals, and much more. If you go for Vietnam holidays with your family in festival season to this country you can enjoy a lot. Here you can also easily find the tour and Vietnam travel companies so you can spend your holidays in affordable prizes. The transportation is also best you can easily get train, bus, or flight for travel in Vietnam and worldwide. Come to Vietnam for the Holidays with your family or friends and make your holidays unforgettable.

Top Destinations In Vietnam For Valentine’s Day And Vietnam Honeymoon Tours

If you find yourself wondering destination for Valentine’s Day and Vietnam Honeymoon Tours, the interesting suggestions below will help make a Smart Choice…

If you find yourself wondering destination for Valentine’s Day and Vietnam Honeymoon Tours, the interesting suggestions below will help make a Smart Choice.


The melodious music, the red roses, along with a glass of wine Champgane charming romantic moment for a wonderful holiday beside the love in Sapa, which is what all lovers dream. Tours to Sapa, please share with the sweetest moment in the ideal space of love to enjoy the most romantic moments in the show “Destination couple of” cold in Sapa with the soil real sky romantic for Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Earth endowed Sapa a fanciful scene, at the time hidden in dense fog, just spectacular, just dreaming like a giant hanging gardens, hanging blue sky. Sapa’s cold mist, mountains and forests of the night so people want to look for grilled corn, potatoes back to warm love.

Sapa is home to many beautiful landscapes. The beauty of Sapa is the unspoiled beauty that charmed visitors with Ham Rong Mountain where heaven and earth meet, there is unfortunately not hide her rock dreams, under the dim light flickering. Go here to enjoy not only the scenery of earth and sky, but also enjoy the fresh air of Sa Pa air. Go Cat Cat, Ta Phin to understand the unique culture of ethnic highlands, to Cau famous bridge spanning the river by rope Muong Hoa Sweaters with billowing fog rolls from line Muong Hoa Cau cover up a majestic landscapes and poetic, here you can drop two hearts to the voice murmuring streams like the tones of lyrical and melodious notes of love.

Do not forget to Sapa Two to Silver Falls, Silver Falls This waterfall poured from a height of more than 100m from the summit down. Silver Falls at the foot of the sky to look at the vast land and majestic mountain ranges and equally poetic, the two of you will feel the immense grandeur of nature, or Rose Valley with million roses instead of words love, white plum blossom apricot rather gentle gestures for each other couple. What could be sweeter than a kiss between partners is given a rose garden filled with colors of love. From the rose garden overlooking the valley Lao Chai with terraced fields, scenery was not to be for anything other than painting. Sapa will give you a memorable Valentine’s Day in life with the beauty of a typical Northwest.

Da Lat

Dalat scenery always characterized romantic touches the hearts of those who have been loved. Complexion mist, pineal loss conceptualist rolling hillside, the spring cherry blossom everywhere. Feeling spring colors like pink cheeks Da Lat plateau woman. Colder air makes the country’s best flowers more fog… charming Dalat Travel in space lush spring tension, make sure the love of two people as more enduring, happy…

Coming to the city of love, you will feel the poetic beauty and romantic place here: Domain de Marie church, garden City, King Bao Dai palace – where the last emperor of Vietnam feudal dynasties Men used to live and work, love Valley, visit Mimosa hill, valley Hundred Years, conquering mountains Langbian…

Valley of Love is considered a paradise for couples. Valentine’s Day may be the same person you love walking holding hands to feel the warmth of love between soil freezing air and give each other sweet kisses.

Beauty of Da Lat is also much praise and attracts tourists by the hundreds, thousands of flowers, orchids, unique, or are produced separately on this land: roses, immortal, azalea, fireworks flower identification, flower ideas, flower tea mi, mi – tissue – skin, apricot cherry, white narcissus flowers… this will add flavor to honor your love Valentine’s day.

Da Lat has a tourist destination especially resting. It was the first tourist hotel in Dalat was built from 1907 – bungalow named Lake hotels ( Hotel du Lac ). With good food and the special gift that hotel for couples Valentin will make your day truly special. Today, visitors to Dalat will feel there is a very poetic architecture, splendid past but discreet villas nestled in tree leaves or is covered brilliantly by a forest of flowers. In addition, couples can ride horses around Xuan Huong lake, enjoy the taste of coffee at the restaurant plateau gracefully under cool weather here. The road curved, the shady pines and lush green gardens temperate enough to lull your soul on open communication.

Top Destinations In Vietnam For Valentine's Day And Vietnam Honeymoon Tours

Nha Trang

If you like Da Lat is full of romantic destinations, the beaches of Nha Trang is a chance to double you get the exciting experience with the world of white sand and blue sea aquarium immense. At one time to know, to feel the natural beauty of Vietnam’s beautiful, to feel rich, wealthy beach Vietnam ” forest gold silver sea “… and feel the breath of love between the vast white sand.

This is the ideal place for lovers want to enjoy Valentine’s Day appeal, novelty. Also around coastal city by bike night sometimes, enjoy lunch at the Food Village, the couple will have moments of fun and exciting games such as action thrills: Return tumbling, wooden carousel horses, rocking turning elephant. The static game like roller coasters, race cars, space exploration, skiing, surfing… soak in the hot mud. Back together footage of colorful coral reefs, the fish swim around in the sea water rise in green. The ravishing sunset and share the happiness of sweet cake flavored with wine drunk surge.

Walking hand in hand oceanarium immense world, sometimes you will feel the love become more sustainable to overcome the anxieties of life…

After hours of sightseeing, exploring the beautiful scenery, the pair can relax together with a mud bath services, Steam bath, Sauna, swimming pool… and taking the romantic dinner with flowers, candles and wines. This space will be promising romantic moment together, helping more sublimated love of this special day.

Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is the ideal destination for couples looking for romantic places to warm passionate love of their own. Halong already attracts tourists but now the four natural heritage as world attention more because this is the brightest candidates in the list voted new 7 natural wonders of the world. Every spring in, tourists often choose Halong is a need in the travel itinerary to enjoy the beauty of their homeland. What could be more exciting when both enjoying a romantic dinner on the train, relax and watch the sea at night Titop famous beaches.

In the early morning mist in the villages, as sinking in the Gulf of dew. The dream – like feeling, making a harmony of heaven and earth. The cold of the North will make two hearts closer together closely to deliver the warmth of love will make you the dawn of the romantic beginnings.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc offers taste of salty sea breezes and the sound of the abundance of the waves pounding the shore. You can drop heart on white sand beaches and watch the sunset over the sea and enjoy the most romantic moments dedicated to two people.

The boat gently couples to Ham Ninh fishing village, spring, spring hiking in Painting, Su Muon Pagoda Tour, taking sightseeing Dinh Cau, South Island, An Thoi, Phu Quoc prison relic, basis cultured pearls, swimming at beaches Stars – where white sand and beautiful Phu Quoc. Reverberation will leave this place in your heart for an unforgettable imprint.

Cat Tien Park: An Ecotourism Paradise

Cat Tien National Park is about 150 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City and is the largest and most attractive ecotourism destination in the Southeast region. It features special tourism activities such as bird-watching, camping, boating and green tourism. It covers a vast area of more than 72,000ha and belongs to three provinces: Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc. Unlike other well-known national parks like Cuc Phuong, Bach Ma and Ngoc Linh, Cat Tien’s terrain is forest and mountain, along with diversified natural scenery.

The climate at the park includes two seasons, the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May to November.

The park contains mainly lowland forests and swamp, forming several different habitats, such as evergreen and semi-deciduous forests, freshwater wetlands, lakes, large areas of bamboo, grassland and flooded forests. It is of international significance for its biodiversity values. To date, it has been confirmed that the park is home to 1,610 species of flora, comprising 724 branches, 162 families, and 75 groups. Among these, 34 species are listed in the Vietnamese Red Book.

The range of fauna within Cat Tien National Park includes 77 mammals, 318 birds, 58 reptiles, 26 amphibians and 130 fish, many of which are endemic to Vietnam and Indochina. Many of the animals in the park are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book and the IUCN Red Book. Among the large mammal species whose presence has been confirmed in the park are the Javan rhinoceros, the gaur, the Asian elephant and the lesser one-horned rhinoceros, all of which are at risk of extinction.

With these natural advantages, the national park has begun offering attractive tours to allow visitors to discover the park.

Cat Tien Park: An Ecotourism Paradise

Travelers to Cat Tien National Park will learn about centuries-old trees like a 700-year-old redwood (Afzelia xylocarpa) tree, a 400-year-old Tung tree (Tetrameles nudiflora) and a Crape-myrtle (Lagerstroemia) tree through the Bang Lang tour. Bird-watching tours are also popular among visitors who are interested in ecotourism. There are 318 bird species in the park, typifying biological diversity as well as rare genetic types for scientists to explore and research. With those natural features, the center for ecotourism is building tours for scientific research. For a bird-watching tour, there are delegations that register two years in advance to choose the optimal time of year to see the birds. Those tours are mainly for scientists who study the flora and fauna of the forest ecosystem.

One of the trademarks of Cat Tien National Park is a nocturnal animal tour that offers visitors an opportunity to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. In the untouched forest, sunk in darkness, the center’s specialized vehicles transport visitors to a green pasture, wet with dew. From 8–9 pm tourists can relax while looking for wild boars chasing each other through the night or for stags and deer grazing freely around the park.

Visitors may come across crocodiles in the Bau Sau. During the rainy season, the pond has an area of 2000ha, while in the dry season, it is only 200ha. Therefore, during the dry season it is necessary for visitors to take a 5km walk out to the wetland to see amphibians and reptiles in the wild.

In addition to ecotourism tours, visitors can opt for cultural tours which discover Oc Eo cultural relics and visit Ma and S’tieng ethnic villages in Ta Lai Commune.