Japan Festival In Berlin

Occidental countries are getting more and more interested in both these peculiarities of Japan: evidences of this are given by the great number of sushi restaurants and Japanese furniture shops that we can find in our cities, but also by the several technological devices that we use daily and by the manga, Japanese cartoons and videogames that we spend our free time with.

For this reason it is not surprising that Berlin, one of the most multicultural European cities, and one of those cities that pay more attention to new trends, organises each year an event devoted to Japanese culture and traditions: the Japan Festival. The 2008 edition of the Festival will take place from the 14th to the 16th November in the Postbahnhof (by the Ostbahnhof), a recently restored building that in the past was home to the post train station, and that nowadays includes two storeys, two clubs and a heated circus tent that will host around 50 exhibitors and 100 events, attracting more than 10,000 visitors wishing to discover or broaden their knowledge of Japanese culture.

The event will be opened by a speech pronounced by Prof. Willibald Veit, the director of the Asiatic Arts Museum, who will introduce the Rising Sun country to visitors. The speech will be followed by a great number of scheduled events, and during the three days of the Festival visitors will have the possibility to choose among a variety of dance shows, sessions of tasting of Japanese dishes, fashion shows and much more, and they will not take part in the event in a passive way, on the contrary, they will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars, and all this will be included in the ticket cost.

As far as food is concerned, an important role will be played by sushi, a dish which is well-known all over the world, but there will be also much more: the Japanese cook Takao Udagawa will prepare also udon (soft wheat spaghetti), misu (a soya soup) and much more, and everything will be accompanied by the typical green tea, by Calpico (a Japanese lemonade), Japanese beer and a variety of sake, which will be offered also during the tasting sessions.

Also Japanese fashion (both traditional and contemporary) will play an important role in the Festival, which will host both kimono and Hello Kitty (which is become well-known all over the world) fashion shows, but particular attention will be paid also to the Cosplay, the habit that Japanese people have to dress up in various ways, above all as manga and anime characters. People who will visit the Festival wearing a cosplay costume (the term comes from the words costume and play) will be granted a reduction on the ticket price.

Visitors will have the possibility to go thoroughly into Japanese dance and music, thanks to the performances of traditional Japanese chorus, of daiko players and kabuki, a particular type of dance connected to theatre. Space will be given also to samurai and martial arts demonstrations, including both the best-known arts like karate and kendo and the ones that are not famous in Europe yet, like aikido, but an important role will be played also by completely different activities: from shiatsu massages to origami and calligraphy workshops, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse completely in Japanese culture.

Berlin, a multiethnic and multicultural city, hosts also this year the Japan Festival, which always attracts thousands of visitors. If you want to get to know the thousands features of this city, and in the same time to immerse in the oriental culture, book now a cheap hostel in Berlin.

Kenya Real Estate – To Buy Or To Build A House?

Kenya real estate opportunities are enormous.

Buying a Home:

Some people choose this option as they consider it to be hassle free. This means that you will not stress out on identifying a plot of land or finding professional builders, architects or surveyors. All you have to do is to identify the area that you wish to live in, find a house and buy it.

The advantage of buying a home is that you can afford to live in a nice neighbourhood for less. Better still, some of these homes may be in an apartment complex that has facilities such as a heated pool, sauna as well as good security.

The flip side of buying a home is that you have no guarantee as to its actual quality. Some houses have been known to collapse suddenly due to faulty foundations.

Building a Home:

This option offers you flexibility. You can chose where you want to live plus how the house will look both inside and outside.

Ideally you would need to first identify a suitable piece of land and purchase it.

Great care and caution need to be exercised at this stage to avoid scams. Always participate in finding out whether the land title and the seller are genuine.

After you have the land, you need to identify a good architect and plan the kind of house you want. This is where the beauty of building your home comes in. You get to choose the number of rooms in the house, their exact location, size of the garden and much more.

Usually building a home tends to cost much less. This is because you can source for the building materials and services yourself.

The flip side building your own home is the location. Land in prime areas tends to be so expensive yet security is usually better.

The decision as to whether to buy or to build a house is one that needs to be considered carefully. Whichever option you choose it is always best to ensure that you get involved in the process as much as you can and do not be afraid to ask many questions before you commit your money.

For An Inexpensive Getaway, Try Paris Hostels

Imagine Paris and you think of the Place de la Bastile, Champs-Elysees, Place de la Concorde, Forum des Halles, Le Marais, Avenue Montaigne, Montmartre, Montparnasse, L’Opera, Quartier Latin, Faubourg Saint-Honore, Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel Tower, Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and other noteworthy districts or landmarks that make Paris the remarkable city that it is. For a budget holiday, Paris hostels, as do all European hostels, offer many of the same luxurious features that fine hotels do, only for far less cost.

When you are considering staying at a hostel, Paris offers a wide range of accommodations. Paris hostels offer dormitory-style sleeping arrangements or private rooms. The dorm rooms are very reasonably priced, and work very well if you do not mind sharing sleeping quarters with others. If a little more privacy is desired, private rooms at hostels in Paris may be in order.

Paris hostels offer a range of amenities as well, so you can choose to stay at Paris hostels that offer what you want. Hostels in Paris offer lockers for their guests, so that you can lock up your valuables when you are sleeping overnight in dormitory-style accommodations. Luggage storage is also available at your hostel. Paris hostelry also have kitchens with refrigerators available for their guests’ use, so you can save even more money by making some of your own meals, and have a great deal of fun doing it because you might have opportunity to shop at some of the wonderful open-air food markets for which Paris is famous.

If you prefer to take it easy and leave the cooking to someone else while you are on vacation, many hostels in Paris provide breakfast to their guests. Several offer restaurants and bars on site as well for your convenience.

For fun and for an easy way to get around the City of Lights, Paris hostels often offer a bicycle rental service, so you can simply rent a bike whenever you wish. In addition to transportation, you might decide to travel together with a group of your friends. Many hostels in Paris can provide you with group accommodations. If you are traveling as a family with your children, you will want to check if kids may stay at your desired hostel. Paris hostelries often are set up for hosting children.

Paris is just one of the wonderful cities that offers European hostels. Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Florence, Berlin, Lisbon, Prague and other European destination points offer hostels for your comfort and cost savings.

Once In a Life Time Opportunity to Witness The Colorful Pushkar Fair in an Innovative Way

India is the land of mysteries and one of the most vibrant nations in the world that is rich in history and culture. The most colorful event of the country is the fairs and festivals that take place in its different cities. One such fair that is popular all over India is the Pushkar Fair that takes place in the royal land of Rajasthan. How about an innovative way to see this festival from above the sky? Watching this festival from above the sky on a hot air balloon is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the travelers to witness a perfect amalgamation of color, carnival and traditional meals here.

Pushkar is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus that is known for possessing over 400 temples. The city also features the one and only temple in India dedicated to the Hindu God of Creation – Brahma. Surrounded by the peaks on the three sides and deserts on the other side, the city becomes an ultimate location for the camel fair. One of the main events taking place here is the Pushkar fair that occurs in the month of November during KartikPurnima. Farmer’s, traders, and villagers from different parts of Rajasthan come all the way for a camel trading.

There are various other cultural activities that make this event successful. People from all over India come every year to witness these events in Rajasthan. Those who love shopping can explore the fair for various ornaments, accessories and traditional apparels. On this particular day, there are various amusement activities where you can indulge in during Pushkar fair those incudes cultural and recreational activities.

The highlight of the fair is the camel races and camel beauty contest. The camel that is decorated beautifully wins the contest. Camel’s intelligence and strength is also tested on this particular day. If the camel is loyal enough to follow all the command of his master he is awarded for being the most intelligent one. Strength is tested by piling as many people as possible onto the back of a camel and the one who successfully carries is the strongest

For a memorable experience participate in various fun and amusing activities. Enjoy the traditional music and dance performed by the local artist of Rajasthan. The entire view of the Pushkar fair is mesmerizing. Decked up camels, colorful shops, finger licking Rajasthan food and music boost up the attraction of this place during the fair. Visitors can enjoy here many fascinating and adventurous activities that also include a hot air balloon flights. During the Pushkar visit by hot air balloon they can witness exhilarating scene from above in comfort and style.

If you are planning a tour to Rajasthan to witness the colorful event of Pushkar make sure you get the best accommodation facility. There are various, luxury travelers you choose to stay in a resorts and deluxe hotel. Budget travelers can opt for Ashram, which is cheap and affordable. It is advisable to make a prior reservation of hotel online.

Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

About  30 km to the northwest from Tay Ninh town, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park is located on the territory of four districts of Tan Lap, Hoa Hiep, Tan Binh, and western part of Thach Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province, which is the transition between the Central Highlands and the South East.

With an area of ​​18,765 ha, the national park is divided into three sub-zones, in which strict protection zone is 8594 ha, ecological rehabilitation section is 10 084 ha, and administrative and service area is 87 ha, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park is a special-used forest with the cover surface accounted for 26% of the total area of ​​natural forest cover of the province.

There is the type of inlaid forest between semi-evergreen forest, deciduous forest on the lowland and evergreen forest along narrow rivers and mangrove forests. There is also swampy strip of pasture land with rush mats near the border with Cambodia.

The flora of the park is very various and rich with 696 species of plants on five sectors, 60 sets, 115 families and 395 lines. There are 158 species of medicinal plants, which are able to or have been used as local traditional medicines for 58 species of wood; 21 species of ornamental plants and 10 species of food plants, 7 plants used as vegetables.

Fauna with 415 species including some species of animal as typical black Douc langurs (Pygathrix nigripes), silver langur Indochina (Trachypithecus villosus), monkeys (Macaca arctoides), bear (Ursus thibetanus), red wolf (Cuon alpinus) and gold wolf (Canis aureus), small coolie (Nycticebus pygmaeus), pig-tailed macaques (Macaca leonina), long-tailed macaques (M. fascicularis) …

Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

The bird fauna in this national park is characterized with 203 species of 15 sections and 40 families. At the wetland habitats, it has been recorded that there are forests with rare water birds such as Giang sen rare (Ciconia episcopus), Leptoptilos javanicus and wild goose (Anastomus oscitans), etc. It was also the stop of the red species of crane (Grus antigone) on the migration route between the Mekong River Delta on the breeding ground in Cambodia. Therefore, Lo Go Xa Mat is also recognized as one of the Important Bird Areas in Vietnam.

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Currently, the park has four rare species recorded in Vietnam Red Book and global conservation concern: purple hip pheasant (Lophura diard), Leptoptilos javanicus, White stock Crane (Ciconia episcopus), red head chicken (Peacock Pheasant Polyplectron germaini).

In the American war, Lo Go Xa Mat is the basis of Liberation Radio of South Vietnam, also former revolutionary bases of the Liberation Army. Therefore, this area also has great significance historically.

With a unique geographical position, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park has natural resources and huge potential to develop tourism, especially eco-tourism with back-to-root cultural tourism.

Mui Ca Mau National Park

Mui Ca Mau National Park, the land in the territory of the administration communes of Dat Mui, Vien An, and Dat Moi communes, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, about 100 km to Ca Mau City and nearly 400km to the south-west of Ho Chi Minh city.

This is a mangrove ecosystem has naturally a very high value biodiversity, natural landscapes, environment, culture and history, as part of the biosphere reserves world Mui Ca Mau UNESCO on 5/2009.

Mui Ca Mau National Park was established in 2003 when Dat Mui nature reserve is converted into national parks in the system of special-use forests in Vietnam. This is the southernmost point with the last milestone of Vietnam’s mainland. Mui Ca Mau National Park has a total natural area of ​​41,862 ha, in which the land area is 15,262 ha, and the coastal area is 26,600 ha. There is an interesting annual ground area of ​​national parks, which has always been extended in a natural way, each year Mui Ca Mau has the encroachment of tens of meters over the sea. This is an interesting point to attract more tourists to the area.

Mui Ca Mau National Park have long-term conservation goals of standard ecological samples with the national, regional and world importance, which serves tour operations, tourism and international cooperation. Besides, it builds and experiences models of conservation and sustainable use of mangrove resources, and promotes the value and economic functions of wetland ecosystems, protects biodiversity.

Mui Ca Mau National Park

This is an area of ​​ diverse mangrove ecosystems with flora dominated by mangroves. There are many species of animals listed in Vietnam’s Red Book and Red Book of the Association of International Nature Conservation (IUCN). In addition, there are many migratory birds from around the world coming to this land including many species of rare birds such as Sen Bird, Chang be.

It is the Ca Mau National Park in the Biosphere Reserve Zone of the world that has contributed significantly to the conservation of biological diversity of wetland ecosystems, the conservation of human values ​​serving sustainable development goals as well as increasing the attractiveness to visitors from near and far.